Scampston vintage weekend - part 1

A few weekends ago (more than I care to mention because it would make me a bad blogger, but I'm happy to say I've almost finished sorting through and editing my most recents pics and there are a handful of posts coming right your way!), I won someting. Something really great! Tickets to the Scampston does vintage weekend! All thanks to a lovely fellow blogger, angel in the north.

Since Scampston is a fair drive from us and our tickets included the Saturday evening open air picnic prom and all day entrance on Sunday for the actual fair, we decided to make a weekend of it and book a B&B in the area. We could have camped on the grounds at Scampston but I was (very rightly!) worried about the weather. I'm a happy camper as long as I can stay dry, but memories of being caught in the remnants of a huge storm in the sand dunes of Connemara, holding on to the tent for most of the night for fear it would be torn to shreds (while Boyfriend slept like a baby next to me) have left me scarred for life.

So a B&B it was! 

Because It was only a short drive from Scampston to the coast, we decided to leave early on Saturday morning and do a bit of exploring around Scarborough (like Blackpool only smaller, from what we saw out of the car window, but I hear there are some much nicer parts away from the beach), Robin Hood's bay (lovely but packed with people and pouring with rain) and Whitby (expensive parking which cut our stay short, and once more, lots of rain). The picture above is of Robin Hood's bay and it's the only one I took during the day, just before it started bucketing it down. We'll have to come back to this area sometime as I'm sure it's lovely in sunny weather.

So anyhoo, after checking in to our B&B and drying off a bit, we headed over to Scampston for the evening picnic of vintage goodness. 

We weren't entirely sure whether food would be provided so we brought our own (delicious handmade scotch eggs from Whitby market and lots of other random things we picked up along the way).

Had we known that the cocktails would be £7, we would have also brought our own. Oh well, they were pretty delicious and it felt so nice to sit in the sunshine with a mojito after spending all day with my hood up and my wellies on!

The picnic was set out in a huge field with food stalls on one end...

...and an open truck at the other end for performers.

It had only just stopped pouring with rain when the picnic started, so the ground was pretty wet. Luckily, the people from Britain does vintage provided lots of sun loungers.

The sun came out properly just before it started setting. Imagine a fresh breeze full of the smells of Summer, a bit of warmth on your face, a packet of Marmite crisps and some very sweet and talented performers. Bliss!

Check out my Cath Kidston picnic basket, which I was finally able to put to good use! I thought I might be able to show off a little but everyone else came very well prepared with lovely vintage picnic hampers. Oh well, I had my authentic hair barrettes gifted to me by a dear friend so I was all set!

When the mist started rising, Boyfriend went on a photo expedition through the grounds (I was too tired and getting rather cold to be honest).

After about 1 hour, the thought of our lovely warm and dry bedroom was too tempting and we decided to call it a day. We did end up stopping about 5 times on the way to snap pictures though.

The English countryside always feels quite magical to me, specially at this time of day and year.

Next time, on Bunnies and Stripes: part 2 of our vintage adventure, with twice as many pics and lots of vintage treasures!


Living it up

Well it looks like I've been doing a lot of living and not much blogging lately. To be accurate, I've been doing a hell of a lot of translating and not much else. Oh and some laptop updating which means I haven't got everything set up to resize/crop my pics just yet, hence the long silence. Lots of posts lined up though, I just have to get myself organised (read: find a way of fitting more hours into the day).

He're is another little greenery update and a random sofa happening. What do you think? Yay or nay?

I just need to perfect my tucking-in skills.

You're allowed to say nay, I won't be offended. I'm still on the fence myself, but I thought a bit of colour might make the living room feel more summery.

Speaking of colour....

I think the nasturtium are plotting to take over the world. It's crazy out there.

As for baby rescue-plant, here's a close up:

We've gone from 3 leaves to 16 in er...well only a few weeks. It's got some really lovely gold sparkly bits on its leaves, and some blue and some pink tones. Oh, and they're not pictured here but I rescued two more plants! They're getting their own post soon, and I think all this is the perfect excuse to buy some pretty plant pots.

And last but not least, one of my favourite flowers (freesias) from one of my favourite cats (Bob) as a thank you for looking after him for a couple of days 

**cue collective "aaaawww" from all cat-lovers on the interwebs**