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Since some of the rooms in my home aren't featured on this blog of mine yet, I've decided to do a little house tour complete with floor plan for you to get a better idea of where I live.We're on the outskirts of Paris, it takes about 20 mins to get to the middle of the city. Not too bad! Plus our building is brand new and sits just opposite the train station, which I'm thankful for every morning.

First things first. This is our floorplan as provided by our landlord. Not the best view, but it will give you an idea. I promise to make a better one soon to replace it (or to get someone else to do it!).


As you can see we've got two outside areas. A balcony on the living room side and a terrace on the bedroom side. The balcony looks out over the road since our building is elevated.

Fun fact: the "ground level" garden beyond our terrace on the other side is actually growing over our garage!! Yep, you can see the ventilation shafts if you look carefully. This felt very strange to me at first, but now I'm used to it and I can look out onto the garden without thinking about the cars (including ours) that are parked underneath it.

Back to the inside! our living/dining room is quite small and a weird shape (see floorplan) since we're on the end of the building. It gets narrower as you get closer to the French doors, which makes things feel a bit cramped. this isn't helped by the huge pieces of furniture that we inherited and stored for years until we finally had room to use them! But we make it work. We don't have a coffee table since Boyfriend hates TV dinners anyway. Also did you notice, we haven't got a TV! We do watch a lot of Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and a few films now and then on my computer though.

Sorry for the dark photo, there just isn't enough light in this part of the room. Here are some more detailed and lighter shots of the living area which is also my office:

I've just about got my cushion frenzy under control. The two covers on the right are made from tea towels (thanks Mum-in-law!). The bar cart is thrifted, the Japanese silk screen was given to me by my Mum (thanks Mama!). What else? The lamp is crazy cool. You can't really tell how huge the English sofa and matching seat are, but let me tell you they are ginormous. I can lie down on the sofa and not touch the sides. I feel like Alice in wonderland. I love it for its comfort but kind of hate it for the amount of space it takes up. Also I woud love a sleeper sofa so we can have even more people to stay! Boyfriend isn't having any of it though. We are hanging on to these babies until they fall apart (i.e. never)!

On to the dining area:

I just realised I should have taken the tablecloth off for these shots. Try to imagine a table that matches the bookcase that matches the sideboard and the chairs. There. Pretty?

The kitchen is just off to the right there in the corner. It's a happy kitchen but a very badly organised one with not enough storage. Our landlord is, quite frankly, a bit of an idiot, and decided to install upper cabinets ONLY. As in: you get a sink, and some cabinets. Oh and I couldn't fit the door on the corner cabinet since I attached the cooker hood (which stopped working after 2 months) to the underneath of the cabinet RIGHT NEXT TO THE CORNER. 

Anyway, here it is: 

Yes, our work surface is an IKEA desk, and yes, the curtains are there to hide the big mess resulting from the lack of storage. I promise to take another non-grainy and updated picture of the rest of the kitchen soon but in the meantime this is the best I've got:

On to the other side of the flat!

Our entryway is crazy long and we lose a lot of space to it so I tried to make the most of it by adding a dresser turned bookcase and lots of shoe storage. It's got built-in hanging space for coats too! Yay! 

Sorry about the picture quality, I'm not very good with my camera yet and there's no natural light here. I am pretty happy with my girly console table and matching mirrors and frames. The intercom is so sexy there too.

The toilet is hardly worth showing. We did manage to fit our washing machine and a very tall broom cupboard into there, which people find impressive. It's a bit cramped but it works for us! Here is a shot of the miniature sink and the thrifted mirrors that I hung up in there.

The bathroom is probably my favourite room :D it's BIG. As in two sinks, huge mirror, one bath, lots of light, and best of all, no mildew (can you tell I'm traumatised by the tiny damp flat we lived in before this one?).

This is Boyfriend's sink as you can tell from the manly bottles of stuff. He picked the flowers for me on one of his evening runs, how cute. The frame is from Urban Outfitters but I covered it with chalkboard paper and we leave each other little love notes on it. Double cute!

On to the bedrooms? They're already featured on the website so I'm recycling photos:

Let's start with the guest room/Boyfriend's office. Most of the time this room is full of amps and guitars and pedals and cables, but I'm glad we've finally got enough space for him to play.

And finally, our bedroom! My other favourite room in the flat. So calm and cosy and light. It's missing curtains but hopefully I'll get to that soon.

Here's a wide angle shot for you to admire the huge (inherited) wardrobe. Guess how many pairs of shoes will fit inside? Not enough.

And the other side with my lovely Rob ryan plate collection, bunny sticker and revamped furniture. Let's not forget 'White Teddy', my favourite childhood teddy. I seemed to lack imagination for naming my teddies as I have another white teddy who is also called white teddy.

Likes? Questions? Comments? Go ahead :)

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  1. Your flat is amazing! You have managed to make such a small space look bigger with your clever arrangement of things and use of colours. You even make the dark corridor look so attractive. It is really beautiful.

  2. Marvelous! Just popped over here from Apartment Therapy. I really like your light fittings. And that cute cart next to the armchair is great too. Your photos look just fine too. Funny too, we also have that picture of the woman reading. It's a hand-me down and I love it because it brings back so many memories of childhood.

  3. Thanks Mariella! That picture with the woman reading seems to be everywhere! We got ours from a charity shop ;) I looked for your blog but couldn't find it, have you closed it?

  4. Anonymous6/22/2012

    I'm in love with your lighting fixtures!!!

  5. thanks Ivan! I'm in love with your blog banner! So cool!

  6. Hi!
    It seems we must be admiring the exact same paintings since I have the girl reading sitting in your bedroom. And we are so far away from one another! I also saw that some of your traffic is landing in my shop. I did have a set of trinket boxes which have sold and I was wondering if that was you! Amazing home! Great style...
    Stephanie at The Enchanted Fig Tree

  7. Aww thanks Stephanie! I linked to your trinket boxes in one of my most recent posts, this is possibly how they sold but sadly I'm not the buyer! There are so many lovely items in your shop but I'm afraid they are too large to be shipped to France :( All the best vintage items are always in the US, that gets me so frustrated!
    I really love the girl painting and I love that lots of people have got it! Thanks for your kind comments, I really appreciate it!