Hello bunnies! Well it's been a while and I've been on another walk (surprise) so you get to enjoy this little slice of the Lydgate hillside while I'm in France this week at a book fair. I've got at least 3 house-related posts that are almost ready, so next week should be exciting!! In the meantime, here are som sheep chasing a deer.

Pretty much the best play on words I've seen so far.

A walk to (what felt like) the end of the world...

It's a long way down...

And a long way up in the extreme wind!

Best to lie down and just enjoy the sky then

The sheep were certainly curious as to what we were doing

and on the way back we were ambushed by ponies. They were All over the path! Naturally, I was afraid, and Boyfriend just walked right past, stroking and clucking and nuzzling his way out.

Right, I should be off to eat a caramel crêpes since I'm theoretically in Brittany, but really I've been eating home made bagels, soon to be followed by carrot cake, and probably, later on, SUSHI! Très français, non ?


With the flick(r) of my finger

Hello Bunnies! More advenure-related posts coming soon, in the meantime I just wanted to share my Flickr account with you. I'll be posting lots of random pics in future, so feel free to give me tips on how to take better photos or tell me to lay off the cat photography when you get tired of it. Click here to take a look at my rookie photos. If you need me I'll be studying my Canon handbook...


Yes I Can(on)!

So last week it was my birthday, and I got a present from Boyfriend. Something very special that I'd spent a long time convincing myself I didn't need because I would never have dared to splurdge on it myself. Can you guess what it is?

Technically I did get all of the above, but my actual present isn't shown here. Why? Because I needed it to take the pictures! Because it's a fancy Canon EOS 700D!!! Not that those letters and numbers mean anything to me at the moment because I know nothing about proper photography, but believe me I'm about to learn. Get ready ISO, white balance and aperture speed: here I come!


Family time

A few weeks ago we had family over for a little pre-birthday visit. Boyfriend cooked his legendary boeuf bourguignon, we opened some good wine, and a grand time was had by all.

My Mum stayed on for a few days and we did a fair bit of exploring in the sunshine. Of course we had to go to Heptonstall, my favourite place for a walk.

You can't really tell from the picture but this house has the most perfect lawn I've ever seen. I just want to lie down on it and roll around.

The old graveyard by the church ruins is full of Greenwoods (my Mum's maiden name). Although my granddad came from further north, we decided there may be some of our ancestors in these parts.

I'm not usually a fan of graveyards but this one is quite magical and not creepy.

I'm so glad we made the most of the sun and the outside while we could because today it's absolutely pouring. We don't get that many permanently rainy days but this is one of them. I think I'll be keeping my desk lamp on all day....


That was so Hebden Bridge

A few weeks ago we went on another explore upwards. I really liked the fact that there were woods at the end of one of the streets in the posher part of town so we decided to have a walk in them. I wasn't expecting to find a waterfall at the end of it, but I guess that's just Hebden Bridge for you.

We also got chatting to a very friendly lady who showed us various footpaths and took us up to Old Town where we got the most stunning view. Her dogs were really cute and extremely clever. They understood full sentences and were so fast and fearless. It nearly made me want to get a dog again, but then I remembered the hair and the slobber. And the bags of poo. Enough said.

I just want to add that these pics aren't photoshopped or anything. This is pure unadulterated Yorkshire.

There goes our friendly guide, back down the field to pick some blackberries.

While we found our way to the Hare and Hounds, where they rescue hens and pigs and keep them in the back garden until they are old and grey and happy. So Hebden Bridge!