Roaming with the chickens

Another post that's got nothing to do with furniture and lots to do with nature. What can I say? I'm taking the inside out. If you stick around I will be showing our new furniture layout and my lovely vintage teapot soon though, so there's that...

We're trying to explore Hebden in all directions to get to know the surrounding area. The thing is because we're in a valley, this always involves lots of walking uphill. But it's nice once you get to the top to find huge blueberries. And mythical creatures. Here are some things you need to make sure you always do to make a walk enjoyable:

Follow the signs

Stop to take pics of the pretty houses

Stop to stroke the fabulous cats

Wish for lots of money to be able to live in a stylish house like that

Wish some more...

and some more.

Finally, follow the drunken dog pawprints up the path

10 minutes after leaving home: fill your lungs with fresh air

Take in the landscape

Take it in some more

Follow the pootpath through a field with horses in it. (I'm so glad it wasn't full of cows. Boyfriend makes fun of me for being scared of cows, but they do occasionally freak out and go bonkers and when they do, I like to know there is a wall between me and them.)

Pick gigantic blackberries! Or take pictures of the flowers while Boyfriend does the harvest. (How many times have I posted blackberries on the blog now? Not enough!)

Eat the blackberries and say thank you to mother nature for the snack

Climb over a stile (I'm begining to think a walk isn't a walk if it doesn't involve a stile or two)

Be scared of the gnome?

Wish you were 6 years old again

Roam with the chickens

Watch the chickens roam (this one was prancing more than roaming really)

Think of all the people who have walked here before you

Find your private gateway to heaven.

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  1. Your new neighbourhood looks so lovely. Were the blackberries tasty?