House updates

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first (and probably last since it will never be this tidy again) time, I present to you: the spare room/office.

It's usually packed with Boyfriend's guitars and amps and pedals and cables, so I'm making the most of the fact that we have guests arriving and that he's taken all that stuff up to our bedroom to snap some pics. 

You'll notice that the cocktail cart has been re-trained as a bedside table. It's still on its trial period but doing fine.

Also: we've hung stuff on the walls! It's a miracle! And balanced other stuff on furniture because we're lazy like that.

Now may I introduce: my new teapot! From the local antique centre. They had set of this but it was missing several plates and had more jugs and servings bowls than I would have known what to do with. I took one little jug home for the sake of it and because they look cute together on the windowsill.

And now for the lounge furniture switcheroo. Everything rotated round a bit to make the room feel more airy; The mammoth plant was moved upstairs into our bedroom and the cocktail cart, as shown above, was re-trained.

Now all I need to do is paint over those ugly doors and find a suitable sofa. Nothing too stressful. It might actually happen before the year is out!

Notice how all the cables have disappeared? Bliss. There's no denying it: laptops are the best. Specially when you can take them to the local coffee shop. They don't even need coffee to work either.

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  1. You have a beautiful house! Inspired me to try and FINALLY get round to putting pictures up in our new place. :)