That was so Hebden Bridge

A few weeks ago we went on another explore upwards. I really liked the fact that there were woods at the end of one of the streets in the posher part of town so we decided to have a walk in them. I wasn't expecting to find a waterfall at the end of it, but I guess that's just Hebden Bridge for you.

We also got chatting to a very friendly lady who showed us various footpaths and took us up to Old Town where we got the most stunning view. Her dogs were really cute and extremely clever. They understood full sentences and were so fast and fearless. It nearly made me want to get a dog again, but then I remembered the hair and the slobber. And the bags of poo. Enough said.

I just want to add that these pics aren't photoshopped or anything. This is pure unadulterated Yorkshire.

There goes our friendly guide, back down the field to pick some blackberries.

While we found our way to the Hare and Hounds, where they rescue hens and pigs and keep them in the back garden until they are old and grey and happy. So Hebden Bridge!

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  1. *soupir* not even photoshopped? now that's really unfair! =)