Hello bunnies! Well it's been a while and I've been on another walk (surprise) so you get to enjoy this little slice of the Lydgate hillside while I'm in France this week at a book fair. I've got at least 3 house-related posts that are almost ready, so next week should be exciting!! In the meantime, here are som sheep chasing a deer.

Pretty much the best play on words I've seen so far.

A walk to (what felt like) the end of the world...

It's a long way down...

And a long way up in the extreme wind!

Best to lie down and just enjoy the sky then

The sheep were certainly curious as to what we were doing

and on the way back we were ambushed by ponies. They were All over the path! Naturally, I was afraid, and Boyfriend just walked right past, stroking and clucking and nuzzling his way out.

Right, I should be off to eat a caramel crêpes since I'm theoretically in Brittany, but really I've been eating home made bagels, soon to be followed by carrot cake, and probably, later on, SUSHI! Très français, non ?

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