Secretary desk

 My love for interior design goes A LONG WAY back. I actually wanted to study to become an interior designer after school, but lots of little things added up, and I ended up studying international business and becoming a translator. Then I moved to a tiny little flat near Paris with hardly enough room for my boyfriend and I, let alone for nice furniture. Where am I going with this? Well... last year, we moved! To a much bigger place! and all of a sudden we needed more stuff! And I didn't feel like hanging on to all the Ikea items I had had for years, but I also didn't feel like buying new/expensive furniture from a shop. So I turned to thrifting, and BAM! I was in love!

It all started with this secretary desk that I drove 2 hours to buy from a man with a hyperactive toddler who kept wanting to show me her cat. And her tricycle. And her other cat. And her tricycle. 
As you can see it was in mint condition.

All it took was a bazillion hours of sanding and 4 or 5 coats of paint, plus one roll of wallpaper which travelled all the way from the Twickenham subsidiary of my company in the UK via Eurostar/scooter/tube. I also changed the drawer pulls and made damn sure to take this picture mid-move before installing my wifi and speakers to avoid ugly cables.



Here it is when in use 

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  1. This is really elegant and beautiful, well done, what a transformation!!!