Don't tell me

I don't even want to know how long it's been since my last post. The guilt has been eating me up inside!! That and the fact that it seems I have nothing interesting to post about. Interior design happenings? Nope. Big adventures? Nope. Lots of work and routine? Yes. A few flowers and a few plates of food? Oh all right then, here we go:

To celebrate our 1-year anniversary since first setting foot in Hebden Bridge, we went back to the cafe where we had lunch that day. As always: good, fresh food and friendly service. Thanks Deli, for being part of our little big adventure!

Our local, the Fox & Goose, is a really interesting old place that recently became a cooperative pub! It's just re-opened after the official take-over and mini refurbishment and I'm looking forward to seing what's been done to the faded paint and smelly old carpet. 

Like everybody else on the world wide web, I got really excited at the first signs of spring. It was glorious for two weeks and now we're back to gloomy rain and cold. I can't wait to turn the clocks forward this weekend because it will mean MORE LIGHT in the evening. Hopefully that will mean a more active bunny because I'm getting a bit tired of going into hibernation mode as soon as the sun sets these days.

This is the new view from my guest bedroom. A little goblin has moved in across the canal!! I just hope the crazy loud geese don't frighten him away with all their squawking in the mornings. I know there are much worse ways of waking up than to the sounds of nature but I do wish they would keep it down a little!


  1. Anonymous3/29/2014

    The goblin door is so cute! The sound of geese is lovely, shame they start so early in the mornings though. Think that white and pink flower is a clematis? It is beautiful. Today in Coventry it says 15°C and sunny and Hebden Bridge has fog and only 8°C, shame you are so far north, but you have much more beautiful scenery and lovely wildlife around you, that is an advantage! If I lived there, I'd definitely take Vitamin D supplement if I didn't spend as much time as possible outside in the sun!

  2. So now I'm hungry... thanks a lot! :p
    This food looks amazing! (or maybe I've been eating russian winter food too long)
    If we ever (understand: when we) come to visit you, lunch will be taken at this deli for sure! ^_^