An English road trip: Canterbury credit crunch

As our first stop, Canterbury was THE place to do the usual stuff we do when we get to the UK: change money, raid Boots, buy a pack of Marks & Spencer's bras, etc.
Canterbury didn't disappoint. 
Our lovely B&B 

was right in the middle of town so as soon as we'd finished our full English

We headed out into the wild. Well, after feeding our burnt toast to the birds of course.

We actually spent so long dragging our lazy feet from shop to shop (and buying shoes for Boyfriend, for whom a simple decision once he has found a pair he loves takes an average of 45 mins) that we ran out of time and didn't get to see much of the old town. We did see the cathedral though. That's because we paid nearly 10 big shiny pounds each to get in. Yep, religion is expensive. I get the thing about paying for the upkeep of religious buildings though. Here in France you can get into most cathedrals for free, but actually you don't go in, because they end up being pretty depressing places with peeling walls and dead (or even plastic, yikes!) flowers. So we were allowed to pass through the gates:

I'd like to add that the exit is on the other side of the courtyard where you are forced to walk through ye official Canterbury Cathedral Souvenir Shoppe. Fridge magnets, jumbo crayons, tea towels...you name it, God made it. All very pious.

 It's pretty imposing from the outside and pretty beautiful on the inside. 

I was just getting into the spirit (harhar) of things when Boyfriend decided he was getting blisters from his new shoes. I swear it's like having a 5-year old sometimes. So out we went and off he hobbled to the "Security" house to beg the policeman for a plaster or two. Just to make sure he was able to improve his English I stood well away and pretended not to know him. 

It took a bit of cuddling and cheering up but he survived. In fact when I think about what happened to him the next day I think this must have been a kind of mental preparation. More on that another time. Then we were off again! 

I tried to take some artsy pictures but not sure they were a success.

I like these "warm tones" better


We had a bit of a magical moment when the choir started their Christmas Carol rehearsal. 

The rest of the town is really pretty too but I didn't capture it very well. Please remind me to take some photography lessons! I so desperately need them! Either that or to read the instructions that came with my camera...

 What a change of architecture compared to Paris!

Everywhere we went we saw flags and bunting, in fact I might have to get a bunting themed post ready for you on of these days. Parajubilympic!

We decided to take the smaller roads up to Norfolk and we came across a few little countryside gems

 Check out the four star bird house

Check out the birds!I had never seen this much wildlife ever before. The sad thing is that most of it was lying by the side of the road. There's too many roads in the UK!

 Thatched cottage alert!

When we finally got to Wymondham we were welcomed by Blair (childhood friend, parents went on holiday together etc.) and his wife Sarah and their lovely cat Tigger in their brand new house. And what a house. Guess what? I haven't got a single photo of it. Epic fail. But I have got photos of food. YAY!

Haloumi and vegatable skewers! Blair is a bit of a barbecue expect and treated us to home made burgers of all sorts, hot dogs, sweetcorn, the works.

Lamb burgers topped with cheese, prize winning sausages, potato salad... ok now I'm hungry!

Are you hungry? 

Next up on our adventure: the beach!!! Get your bunnykinies out ^^


  1. These pictures are amazing. And all of the food looks amazing.

    I'd love for you to check out my latest blog post!

  2. Your photo's are all great, nice looking B&B too. The architecture in Cantebury looks wonderful, you seem to find it everywhere you visit! Great looking food too! I adore the thatched cottage with it's pretty flowers, I want to live there! The 4 star bird house is wonderful, must be a scheme to help preserve the wild life of Norfolk?