Vintage cuteoverload

While I was at my aunt and uncle's in Nuneaton they brought down this little lady from the attic for me to see:

 The world famous Angela doll!

My mum (Angela) made one of these dolls for each of my cousins and for my brother and I when we were born. I love the detail of the face, the hair that sticks out from its pyjamas (are they pyjamas??), the little rosy cheeks, etc. 

This one, which is my cousin Snoo's (aka Suzanne), even came with a cot made by my dad. He must have run out of wood after that though, as none of the other Angela dolls got one!

Vintage daisy fabric with lace. Almost as kitsch as the B&B I'm currently staying at, tucked away in the middle of the New Forest. More on that later!

Check back soon for a bambi surprise...


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