All things Brighton beautiful

Want to know how to make a fortune while on holiday AND while exploring the world of design and making use of your exquisitely good taste?

Here is an easy use case which you can implement at home if you have a credit card:

Step 1 - go on holiday to a nice English seaside town that is very hype and packed with vintage furniture shops. Enter random furniture shop/tea room.

Step 2 - spot potential target. Make your move.

Step 3 - ascertain that it is indeed a perfect target: authentic and ridiculously cheap.

Step 4 - take it home with you to France. Try it out for a week to confirm what you already knew: it's rather uncomfortable as a desk chair but it's also worth double what you paid for it. 

Step 5 - take a pretty picture and put it up for sale on www.leboncoin.fr.

Step 6 - sell it to the friendly girl who answers your advert within an hour and wants to pay €350 for it.

Not bad for a £140 find in the cellar of a tea room in Brighton!


  1. That's an impressive profit! Well done. x

  2. Thanks Jen!
    My boyfriend has since spent these €350 on an old book which he found in a crêperie/antique shop and thought to be worth loads more... turns out it's not! Oh well... live and learn? xx

  3. Fabulous! Lovely post, hun. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo