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The room for color contest is now finished! I got..........(drumroll)......... 61 votes! Not bad really! If you voted: thank you!!! If you didn't: what the hell were you thinking?? I could have won a 10 year supply of paint or something equally fun!

In fact I'm not that bothered about winning and I know I won't stand a chance until I've got a rich little foot on the property ladder. Still, being selected for a color contest with a room that hasn't got a lick of paint on the wall...I'm a little bit proud. But did you SEE the other contestants? Such beautiful rooms...such jealousy!

What touched me the most was the comments I got from random strangers though. If only people were as nice to each other in real life as they are on design blogs we'd all be saved!

So there! A bunch of people who like my bedroom, makes me feel all fuzzy and warm. And because I'm in a good mood, here are a few more pics of my bedroom (you can only choose 5 for the contest but I took 5 million). Might as well show them off right?

This Ikea wardrobe has since left for a new home, to be replaced by something fabulously vintage which is currently being treated for woodworm and will get its very own post soon! 

The number plate on the bottom is real and battered and came from a market in St Maarten. The top one is fake and was custom made for tourists and sold to us right outsie our beachfront hotel in Rio. Weirdly fitting.

And that's me! Hello !!

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