Autumn springs eternal

For some reason the flowers on my balcony are in full bloom.

While the flowers that were left out on the terrace are not so happy looking (but getting better now they've spent a couple of weeks on the balcony)

Also, WTF?

I transplanted it into my Orlay Kiely planter (thank you for the cutest birthay present Suuuz!) 

Now it's happy as Larry. However happy he is. Will it live through the winter? We're about to find out.

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  1. Hello. Just a note to say I Love your blog and thought I would make a comment in regards to one of your photos of a little seedling in your Autumn springs eternal post. I think it might be a Nasturtium. If it is Nasturtium it's a wonderful little plant which is also edible. The flowers are great in a salad and the leaves have a very peppery flavour. Best Wishes!