Treasure hunt part 4: hall of frames

I bet you've been wondering what these postcards were for haven't you? I'm about to clear up that mystery for you today!

Have you met my wall of frames? I can't remember posting about it although it is quite recent. Last time we went to Ikea my friend pointed out this set of 4 simple glass frames on sale for a ridiculous amount, I think it might have been 50 cents or something. Anyway I grabbed a set of Ikea postcards, popped them into the frames, bought a roll of magnetic tape and ta-daaa! Cheap and easy decor for my fuse box! As it sits right above the little red table in the hallway it was very obvious and sort of needed brightening up a bit. So this is what the Before looked like (sorry for using Pixlr-o-matic on these, I just had to add a little light as my hallway is long and dark and the photos turned out rather ugly):

You get the idea. On to the happy After! 

Zoom in:

Now zoom out a little...

...and zoom out a lot!

Oh dear, these photos are just getting worse and worse. But you get the idea, yes? Also, do you like my drawing skills? I love my little home-made notice boards so much but I'm always forgetting to use them, specially the one in the bathroom. Maybe if I used them more my drawing would improve? Here's hoping...

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