Treasure hunt part 3: sticks and stones

Now I think about it, this tradition started quite a while ago. I like to pick up seashells on the beach, and Boyfriend likes to pick up stones when we go on holiday. Also, like any other male, he likes sticks. Don't ask me why. As one of my favourite bloggers little birdie pointed out the other day, it must just be one of those things.

I've still got a little stone in my coat pocket that he pinched from a stream in Kerry on our first day in Ireland. Our sat nav went mad and took us up into the mountains, we were litterally driving along a hiking trail at one point. I can't resist showing you a picture of the view from our car.

See the road? No? That's because there isn't one.

Anyway, back to this plate of stones.

Most of these are from the UK. The big one in the middle came from Overstrand, as did the black and white one on its right. The darker stones and the pink one are from Brighton, Eastbourne and Bexhill. The Oak leaves, acorn and the other green stuff that grows on trees (what is it called?) are all from the New Forest. The big white seashell at the top is from our trip to St Maarten 2 years ago though, and the little piece fo driftwood that looks (sort of) like a dolphin on the left is from Connemara, one of my favourite places in the world so far. 

I'd like to give a special shout out to my buddy Tiny Grumpy Stone. 

Grumpy stone is grumpy. Probably because he's so tiny. Now that I saved him from Eastbourne (aka. Eastboring) he should cheer up though. Oops, Boyfriend just walked by and pointed out that Grumpy is upside down! I think he's grumpy both ways up though, don't you? (don't swivel that head round too fast or you might get dizzy)

To avoid forgetting where each stone comes from I decided to stick a little bit of paper on the underneath of each one, like this:

It's a shame I didn't do it sooner as I have now forgotten where some of them came from... good organisation wins again.

I might get tired of this plate of stones when it's time to dust them. That's probably when I'll decide to put them in a glass jar or something. For the moment they're quite happy to sit on the cocktail cart though.

Can you spot the special edition Jubilympic Pimm's? Good times ahead...

What next?

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