Treasure hunt part 5: mapped out

Bet you've been wanting to know what this rolled up paper was, eh? Well not a vintage treasure map pinched off a pirate, it's wrapping paper! 2 sheets!

What do I want them for? (in the words of Eddie Izzard)


Total cost approx. £5

Cheap posters that add a little intellectual vibe, a feeling of 'general knowledge' to my toilet/laundry room/broom cupboard. Aaaah, I love the smell of geography mixed with laundry powder!

Except I forgot the back wall is solid concrete and I cant' push pins into it, so the layout is a little strange. I might switch them into the bedroom sometime soon but for now I think they're quite fun where they are. 

What do you think? Would they look better in the bedroom above my Eames chair?

I'm thinking yes. 
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