Treasure hunt part 2: inside the box

For the next installment of my treasure hunt post series I'm going to focus on this very mysterious looking little parcel here:

Want a closer look?

Even closer? As in, without the bubble wrap? Yes? 

Ready... steady...

Little glass boxes! Like the ones I've been admiring for months and months on Etsy, here and here

Ok so these aren't real vintage finds. I bought them from a little shop in Brighton in the North Laine area, the hippest collection of streets you'll ever see outside of Camden locks. The quality isn't the most amazing in the world, but I had been secretly hoping to find one of these little boxes in an antique shop while on holiday, so I was chuffed anyway.

I was also chuffed about the price:

Yep, 1 for the smallest, 4 for the biggest, 2 and 3 for the two in between, i.e., if my math is correct that's 10 Pounds for all 4. I'm not even going to bother thinking about how much these would have cost in Paris. All my available brain cells are taken up thinking about how to best use these darlings. 

I've tried out a couple of ideas, none of which I'm perfectly happy with, but here are some of my faves so you can let me know what you think! First of all, should I keep them together or not? 

I thought about maybe using the smallest one for my air plant (that I pinched from a tree in the botanical gardens of Rio... I know, so daring!). It needs good air circulation so I wouldn't be able to close the box though. Hmmm... on to the next idea!

How about some jewellery? And no, since you ask, I have never ever worn that flower ring in public. I got it our to wear it to Lady Gaga's concert last weekend but forgot. How could I forget? I was too busy trying to get my hair to resemble a bow. Did I succeed? Nope. Did all the other concert goers succeed? Yep. Didn't stop me from having a great evening though. Born this way baby (with unmanageable hair).

I quite like the jewellery idea. If only I had a nice wooden dresser in my bedroom to put it on. Yes, this is my new obsession. I'm tired of my white Ikea wardrobe and I need a change.

These opal earrings belonged to my great auntie Barbara until she gave them to me a couple of years ago. Opals are our birthstones and I was so touched by the present! I don't often wear them but I'm happy to be able to put them on display as they've got the perfect vintage vibe.

I've got lots of other ideas such as adding moss and little plastic mushrooms inside a few of the boxes, using them for table settings with a leaf or a flower inside, maybe even with a tealight and a few ribbons nestled around it. Can you think of anything else? Sand an seashells? jellybeans?

So, what next? The mysterious rolled up papers? Want to know what I did with the happy looking postcards? Comments please, bunnies! 

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  1. Lovely boxes! Jewellery in them is nice though I'm sure you are going to want to try out all the ideas you have over time!