There's a hole in my pocket

At least this birthday money seems to be burning one in it. I'm notoriously carefuly with my money, but when I was browsing one of my morning blogs and came across this lovely banner:

I couldn't resist taking a small look...and within about 20 seconds I had found something I absolutely needed!

Not only was it on sale, but I had 50% off shipping! To France! I didn't even know West Elm shipped to France! And you have to admit, 9 beans is very cheap for a nice little ombre rug to put my cold feet on in the morning when I get out of bed. 

So I crossed my fingers and hoped that shipping wouldn't be triple the price of the rug...

Luckily it was only twice the price of the rug! So I went for it! After all, €30 is less than I would expect topay for that kind of rug over here, regardless of the fact that I wouldn't even know where to find one. 

More photos in 5 to 9 business days!!!!

Yay for my first West Elm purchase!! I feel like a real grown-up capitalist!

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