An English road trip: lavish Lavenham

Lavenham is a nice little town in Suffolk where my auntie Linda took us for a quiet day out. It's full of half-timbered houses and cute little shops and restaurants.

It's also got a guild hall with a tea room that sells home made cakes and a really lovely restaurant with Vitra Eames chairs. There, I've narrowed the points of interest right down for you.

Oh wait! I have to tell you about the church!

Looks like most churches from the outside, but on the inside, it has.....a bookshop!!! A sort of charity bookshop, where you can leave your unwanted books. And to pay for a book you just drop a Pound or two into an urn. Weird, very weird.

You can actually see the bookshop in the far left in this picture. I even foud the last Sue Townsend book I was looking for: Number Ten. Yay! That's something to check off my holiday bucket list. Buy book in church: done. 
Do you like the kneeler cushions? So cute. The bookshop thing really does make sense though.

Ok so this one has a little 3D issue, but it's cute anyway.

Is this a scene from the Bible that I've missed?

On to the village we go!

Some houses were really very crooked looking. I wonder how they get their curtains to hang straight around the window. 

Are you feeling hungry? I know I am. Time for delicious meal at The Swan, which is also a hotel by the way, and a very nice looking one at that.

hello lovely decor...

.... hello yummy food!

Sophisticated mackerel

Sophisticated burger

Sophisticated belly pork

It's all very meaty isn't it... I can't remember what I had, I guess I didn't take a picture of it! Must have been too good to stop munching for.

After a delicious lunch we went for a walk to the Guild Hall, a beautiful old building that houses a museum. (and a tea room, but you knew that already)

Meet the barrel family

Nice vintage chair don't you think?

And a lovely courtyard garden

Complete with foxgloves

and a palace!

Did I mention carrot cake?

So many pretty houses

I never realised that double decker buses were used outside of London. I'd love to take a ride through the countryside at the top of one of those.

Next stop: Stilon, Melton Mowbray, and sunny Nuneaton!!! Stay tuned for some cheese...

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