What's my age again?

*******Special birthday post!!!**********
 Today we're going to look at old and less old family photos and ask ourselves where the hell time goes while we're busy looking the other way (mostly the wrong way, I might add)

While I was on holiday in the UK, two of my aunts were kind enough to give/lend me some photos of the family. As promised, here they are in no particular order!

This is my great-auntie Barbara on holiday in France, possibly in Castelnaud.

My grandma (in the middle here) had five or six brothers and sisters and it looks like they had good fun together. Sadly I don't know that much about them...This photo is slightly creepy as the sunlight makes them look like four ghosts and one human.

Here's a cute one of my great auntie Barbara and my great uncle Viktor, who was Polish and quite a character.

I don't know who this is, probably a relation of my great-uncle Viktor. I like the look of the man, he's a bit of a hipster don't you think? Look what was written on the back of the photo:

"It was worse crossing this stream - lots of small stones, than walking on the pebbles on Brighton Beach!"

I don't know who you are but I'm pretty sure I know what those pebbles feel like! Strange to think that we had the same painful pebble experience years and years apart.

This is the first house that my parents lived in after they were married (the one on the far left). Check out the flashy yellow door! And the groovy purple curtains...not. my dad's parents lived just two doors down, you can just see their house on the right hand side of the picture. Apparently my dad used to go round theirs to watch TV every sunday while my mum did the housework...good times. 

This is me with my grandma. Nice legs. Oh, and just so you know: from here on this post is all about me.

 Looks like we couldn't afford central heating when I was a baby...hard times.

I was lucky and got a nappy that day...my brother was too busy raiding the handbag cupboard to notice anything was wrong.

 There seems to be a pattern emerging here...

Luckily as we got older we were allowed to wear clothes again...

This is one of my fondest childhood memories! We used to make regular trips to the 'Kangaroo park' (it did have a real name: Chateau de sauvage, and it does still exist! I went last year with my lovely niece!), basically a wildlife reserve tucked away in the middle of the Rambouillet forest. It's full of flamingoes and kangaroes and deer and weird exotic birds. I've still got that little pink rucksack somewhere in my memory box!

And my favourite one again just for the sake of it:

                                  Happy birthday to me !!!

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