Skipping to Skipton

A couple of weeks ago we went to a vintage fair in Skipton, partly to pick up a mirror (more about that soon! pictures have been taken and are being uploaded!) that I bought in march from a vintage shop in Saltaire that has since closed down, and partly to have a good old snoop around the town because you know I love a snoop.

The tea and victoria sponge were so scrumptious I didn't even think to stop to take a picture. After picking up the mirror and "splurging" on some Canadian Mason jars (more on those very soon too), we made our way to the castle. It's been rebuilt many times and is really well preseved. Every room is oozing with history. For a more detailed description, you can click here.

This is a yew tree planted by Lady Anne Clifford, who had lots of work done to the castle to make it pretty and fit to be featured in an interior design magazine (or so the historians say).

Let's dive right in to a view from the loo. Thank you Boyfriend, for taking such brilliant and relevant pictures.

Now that's what I call a kitchen. No Dishwasher, but 2 bread ovens and plenty of natural light.

Some essential fashion accessories of yore

I couldn't help asking myself how I would place my furniture in such a big house. I'd need a lot more of it for starters, which can't be a bad thing.

The light!

I've developped a thing for stripey and perfect looking lawns. I need a new pinterest board.

Down into the dungeon!! Apparently it wasn't really used much and nobody was tortured in it, which made me feel good about being in it.

More perfect lawns, perfect skies,and pretty old buildings. I liked Skipton, mainly for its good charity shops (hello pretty wine glasses for £5!) and its castle, not so much for the touristy pubs that serve average pub food. Now on to the next adventure!!

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