bunnies in the kitchen

Last saturday we went to a farm shop somewhere near Thornton, and by farm shop I mean farm superstore that sells delicious local things as well as, strangely enough, a huge selection of snickers bars, crisps, etc.
We didn't realise it would be heaving with people, all desperate to get their share of local fruit and veg, beer, meat, etc. Also, it was pouring with rain and I think in Yorkshire just like everywhere else, when it's raining, you either curl up in bed with a book or go out and spend money. Well spend we did, the freezer  is full of meat and the cellar is full of potatoes! 
We also bought some strange and delicious vegetables:

Little baby carrots! Salicornia! Double yum! Triple yum with cod in pasta and cream, although it's so angelic tasting that the holy light emanating from it has made it impossible to photograph.

The blackcurrant and apples were on offer so I took it as a sign to make crumble. I got my Mama's recipe and although my version didn't taste quite as good (lacking in the magic ingredient called motherly love), it did take me back to my childhood.

A quick interlude while the crumble bakes: ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce: pasta bunnies, on sale for just £1!
There, I just felt like I should share. I haven't cooked any yet, I'm saving the bunnies for something really special, like if the Queen comes to visit.

Driiiiiiiing! The crumble is ready! Should we eat it outside in the sunshine? Yes I think we should.

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