A couple of weeks ago (eeeek, very late with blog posts) we took the day off and went to York to visit the Minster. I looked into catching the train and decided it would be quicker to drive, not knowing it was Leeds festival time and that the road we needed to take would be closed. Anyway, 3 hours and a park & ride ticket later, we were in York!

First stop: lunch outside in full sun by the river. In France we wouldn't venture out from the shade on this kind of day. Luckily our fair skins enjoy a bit of Yorkshire sun. 

This lady was enjoying it too. 

Boyfriend was map-reading so we basically didn't know where we were going.  We saw some nice street on our way to the Minster though.

So British 

So American 

So French

So impressive! We spent nearly 2 hours inside the Minster because it's absolutely huge there's so much see, including an underground museum. I definitely recommend a visit if you're ever in York. Also, if your Mum has given you her senior priced tickets from last year that are non-transferrable (but you don't know all that) and you get chatting to the friendly man at the entrance, he will sneak you in instead of making you pay full price. Welcome to the UK.

We ended the day with a bit of drooling at the shop window of Betty's cafe and found a great street artists who was happy to pose with our friend Vad. 

Oh just get a room you two! (if you haven't met Vad the bunny yet, find out more about him here)

So that was York. I wonder where our next adventure will take us. Coming next: a long-awaited house post!!!

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