Uptown(ish) girl

On my quest for continuous discoveries and adventures, I decided we should venture out of our usual walk routine and into the posher part of town. At least I think it's posh. There are some huge houses. There are also some terraces like ours, only with access straight into the woods at the end of most streets. I've google mapped it all and I'm pretty sure this is our itinerary:

Walk into town and cross over the main square to the bus stop. Take the steps across the street (Commercial street) and go up, up, up! On the way, you'll spot some cute overgrown gardens and the occasional cat.

This will take you straight up to School street, where there's a nice view of the town (even better if you're a bit taller than me)

If you like you can walk down Osborne street and straight into the woods. If you're not wearing the right shoes for a muddy path, turn left into Marlborough road and admire the houses. Try not to think about their price.

When you get to the junction with Birchcliffe road, turn left into it. (or carry on up Sandy gate and go for a longer walk to Wadsworth. There's a nice pub there, and some friendly cows to show you the way)

Birchcliffe road winds all the way back down to the town centre but there's all sorts to see on the way. Would you like to rent an office in this very old building for £40 a week? (I'm thinking of doing it. The neighbour's dog is driving me round the bend) It's also a youth hostel. Definitely worth looking into!

Chapel avenue and Edward street are full of terraces like ours but slightly bigger. Check out the colors. Actually I walked past this house again the other day and it's for rent!

I like the forest at the end of the street. I also like the washing line arragement. I wonder how many times someone has ran over the pole while leaving the street.

This is my favourite house. You can't really tell but it's got amazing stained glass windows and a lovely view across town.

This house name makes more sense now I see the map: it's on Eiffel street.

The last strip of Birchcliffe street is lined with these town houses that all have a stunning view of Hebden and had me counting how many times I would need to play the lottery to risk winning enough money to own one.

Blackberries all over the place! I'm going to go on a picking expedition soon.

And we're back in Hebden! Time for a cup of tea and a slice of cake! Pick any cafe or tea room, they're all pretty good. I have a preference for weathergills because of all the wartime bunnies, but don't let that influence your decision.

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  1. Anonymous9/08/2013

    Hello, What wonderful pictures, the area looks great, can't wait to see it! You wrote: 'This house name makes more sense now I see the map: it's on Eiffel street', but you didn't say what the house name is!!!

    Happy Sunday xxx