Making the most of it...

I can't believe a couple of weeks ago we were dressing like this

and sitting outside doing this

while watching this (I've never seen a heron come so close to humans before. He was fishing away and walking along the bank while all the pub-goers watched and snapped pics of him)

Oh and more of this (we definitely milked the last few rays of summer sun sitting on our wall). 

Sidenote: the blackberries are growing at the end of our alley. I need to go and pick some to make Cambridge street back alley crumble. The saucisson came from France, naturally. Boyfriend has a bit of an obsession with it and got our friend Cynthia to bring about 5 when she came to see us. He's rationing them until our next French guests get here with more. 

Anyway, that was before. Now we're eating autumn food

and enjoying cool sunsets from the highest pub in the area. It's a long walk up but it anihilates the guilt of ordering a Sunday roast. And I get to wear my winter coat.

The walk home is pretty nice too. The aim is to get back down to Hebden before it gets too dark to see the slugs that lurk everywhere.

Hurry up!! Time to go home and turn the heating on...

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  1. Anonymous9/15/2013

    The weather changes so fast, same here, it's chilly now. Your photo's are superb, it all looks so pretty! Some of the little birds in our garden don't fly away when I go out there now, they stay on the birdfeeder, they get used to us!