Pining for... the classics

I'm finally back with my weekly(ish) roundup of Pins! If you follow me on Pinterest you'll have noticed lots and lots of Yorkshire related pins. These places are all on my ever-growing to do list, but I won't bore you with them. Or maybe I will once I've actually been to them. These are the few things I've pinned in recent months (somehow moving and the million things it involved made Pinterest look futile for a while. But I'm back on the band waggon now!!)

You can't beat a bunch of peonies. hint hint hint! 

Autumn is here, and with it a perfect excuse to spoil myself with some Yorkshire weather appropriate gear. I've already bought a nice warm coat and a nice granny cardigan. Maybe these boots will be next.

This is the style I'd like to go for if I ever figure out how to make room for a sofa in my lounge.

This is what I had envisionned for the space above my fireplace. Sadly it looks like our "don't drill holes in the walls" landladies have put the damper on it. Maybe in my next house...

This reminds me very much of work, in a nostalgic "I'm so glad I don't have to put up with this anymore" way. I also have the added bonus of being able to skype with my old colleagues to get all the daily the gossip. I love a win-win situation.

And another little reminder of my pre-Yorkshire life. This sums up exactly how I feel about Paris: there's got to be beauty in there somewhere, but all I can see is dirt and misery. I haven't missed it yet, and I don't see the feeling changing. We've met so many people here and we get a lot of "but why did you leave Paris to come to Yorkshire??". I can understand how it can seem weird. My usual answer is "because we wanted to stop surviving and start living". It's working out quite well so far.

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  1. Anonymous9/13/2013

    The sparrow picture says it all, Paris is a sad place at times! Used to seem so romantic but seeing all the poor people around kind of kills that off nowadays! I still love the street musicians though! I'm sure beautiful Yorkshire is much nicer to live in!

    The peonies are wonderful flowers, sad they don't last long!

    The first sofa and chairs I had in England were like that, made by Ercol, they were so pretty, flowery material and dark wood!