Last Sunday the sun decided to come out for the day so we did too. We finally went on a walk up to Stoodley Pike. Not all the way from Hebden as that would have taken all day, but we did our 3 hours of walking in the sunshine (and the wind) and I came home happy.

I would have been even happier (and less sore the next day) if Boyfriend hadn't decided to ignore the footpath that looked like a bit of a detour and just walk in a straight line up the hill. There was a little shouting at one point that sounded like "I'm never listening to your ********* ideas ever again!" as this is the third weekend in a row that we've followed Boyfriend's suggestions and they've ended up being pretty rubbish. I won't go into any detail but just picture a rainy outing to a forgotten (read boring and depressing) village near Doncaster, and a drive to the West coast to a town where everything was closed and we had to walk for miles along the rainy seafront because we got blocked off by some kind of car race. We even drove home via Blackpool just to make the whole experience a bit more scary.

Anyway...this is a rubbish photo but it will give you a better idea of just how steep that hill was and how wearing skinny jeans when having to lift your legs almost up past your ears isn't such a good idea. 

Once we got to the top I changed back into a happy (but very windswept) bunny. You can see for miles and miles in all directions and the sun made everything beautiful and perfect.

There are steps up to the top of the inside of the pike but they've been blocked off. There. This was your trivial piece of information for the day.

Boyfriend on the way down. We used the path this time. You can't tell but he's still looking very smug at having managed to get me to climb up that hill.


All in all another gorgeous place right outside our doorstep. I'm glad Spring seems to be on its way because that means we get to do lots more exploring over the next few months. In case you were wondering, we still go to bed every night telling ourselves how lucky we are to live here.

Oops! Nearly forgot: there are lots more pics of Stoodley Pike on my flickr account right here

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  1. Anonymous2/26/2014

    Sounds like a nice walk though hard work! The pictures are not so pretty in black and white, back to the 50's era! xxx