Mirrors and polish

At last! A post related to new happenings in the house of bunnies and stripes! 

I'm just going to keep it short and full of keywords : vintage - mirror - bargain - dreamy - local - bees - yummy smells - pretty wood

What do you think? For ten beans I couldn't not take it home with me. It was hidden away behind a picture frame in the back of the local antique place. I hadn't been for a while and felt I might be missing out on a bargain. I think it was calling for me.

Let's ignore the fact that it's missing a bracket and that I haven't actually got anywhere to put it in this house since I'm not allowed to drill holes in the walls (otherwise let me tell you, the wall above the fireplace would be a wild and wonderful display of vintage mirrors). For now I just want to admire its beauty. 

Let's also ignore the poor quality of these photos. What can I say? It's dark in Yorkshire, even with all the lights on.


Such pretty shapes! Such vintage appeal! My heart is about to explode, so let's move on to a totally unrelated topic. Yesterday I found some 100% natural beeswax polish so I polished my coffee table and dining table today and although you can't really see a big difference, it does make the room smell amazing as well as making me feel good about myself for taking care of my furniture. So there.

On an even more unrelated topic, we recently made friends with some lovely cowbears (that's what I'm calling them anyway, I think there actually called Highland cows). There are lots more pics on my flickr page here, some of them more dramatic, some of them a bit L'oréal-ish. This is my personal favourite. Which one is yours?

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  1. Anonymous2/05/2014

    A lovely mirror and cow! :oD