Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day

After an intense week that included 153 Windows updates, a very reluctant and slow Macbook, a new baby second cousin, a leaky roof (resulting in a damp-stained bedroom wall) and of course, non-stop rain, I'm celebrating the completion of one of my projects with a glass of red and the online purchase of a sensible winter coat. Wheee! 

But on to my long overdue Christmas present post! This is a quick selection of some of my faves taken during a random walk around the house. Ready?

Boyfriend excelled in the present department this year, getting me something I had wanted for a long time. I first saw it in Zara about 3 years ago but couldn't afford it at the time and then they ran out, and the year after they sold it in very ugly colours only, anyway, long story short: I got my grown-up lady bag! The first photo is much more true to colour, it's a nice deep orange. 

Unfortunately I can't say the quality is fantastic. I guess that's what you get from buying Chinese Etsy lookalikes...

To go with my new bag, Boyfriend got me a new wallet. It's a lovely soft grey and I believe it's made from recycled plastic bottles. My mind is officially blown. 

This is possibly my favourite present because it was supposed to be a birthday present for next year from my Mama. Only she had it delivered to my aunts's house and it happened to arrive on Christmas eve while we were visiting so it was granted Christmas present status. Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen? It's Hornsea.

A lovely gift from our lovely neighbour and friend was this Wedgewood set (there are 2 dinner plates in the set too but they were in use when this pic was taken!). She told us she saw them and thought of us. It's nice to be thought of as fancy and refined even though we're really not. I mean, we drink champagne out of wine glasses. Come on.

Not a Christmas present as such, but a beautiful and intricate new year's card from a dear friend in Paris. I have big plans to frame it and hang it on a wall one of these days. 

And last but not least: this beautiful jewellery frame from my Mama that I had on my Cox & Cox wishlist for months and months. I think it goes nicely on my nightstand/dressing table and it's an excuse to show of some of the things I never actually wear but still find pretty (I'm looking at you, weird rose cocktail ring that I demanded for a birthday a few years ago and have never worn because even though it's adjustable it is still too big)

My theory is that you can never have too many woodland creatures sitting around the house. Or too many friends to give you cute little presents. 

And just for the sake of it: my "redecorated" bedroom wall. What do you think? Is damp-stain the new ombre? Two guys came round this morning (why of course they arrived while I was sitting at the table in my pyjamas screaming at my uncooperative laptop while Boyfriend was still in bed! Why do you even ask?) and did a bit of roof-climbing and sealing off of chimney pots. I just hope it actually solves the problem as they didn't seem too sure...


  1. Hello, love the bag and the jewellery frame, (it looks great with the lovely things you have in it) and the Hornsea linpin jug and the Wedgewood stuff, seems that I love everything!!! The woodland animals are lovely, a nice theme to have in a house. I just have lots of teddy bears in mine, lol.

    Shame about the damp, annoying, I hope that the sealing of the chimney pots solved the problem!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. I forgot to say that I love that new years card, I was wondering what it was, I just went back and re read it, it is lovely!