Snippets of spring

I must say I'm a little dissappointed in the Yorkshire weather. I was expecting massive snow-storms and freezing temperatures. We even got winter tyres fitted on our car. Ok so it's been a bit cold recently, but not PROPER cold. And it's rained, that's for sure, but it hasn't snowed.

Now I'm only really saying this so that murphy's law can kick in and we can all have a bit of winter before spring sets in. In the meantime, this is a pretty random selection of what HB has looked like on our last couple of walks. And Heptonsall. And yes, we did walk all the way up!

****** more pics on my flickr page here in case you're interested ******


  1. Beautiful photos...the first one is a lovely choice for b&w, looks like an old photo and it suits the scene really well. Blossom and buds - how nice, but I agree with you - let's have some snow and frost before spring arrives! It's been a while since I was in HB and Heptonstall and your pics make me want to go back. Love it there! xx

    1. Aw thanks Vesna! Next time you come to these parts you'll have to let me know! I'd love to go on a photo expedition with you and learn a few tricks ;) or just have a nice brew in one of the cozy coffee shops! xx