Greenery update

Well I survived the annual allergy season without cracking ribs or wheezing my way through any sleepless nights! Last year's scary cough made a short appearance but I chased it away with lots of rest and natural remedies. Yay!

There were a few days of serious pollen storms though, so while I stayed in with the windows shut Boyfriend ventured outside and snapped some pics:

Look at the trees in the distance, can you see all the pollen? I couldn't wait for it to rain to wash it all away so I could go outside again.

In the meantime I was stuck with this view from inside the house.

People always tell us our neighbourhood is really old-fashioned (I think the houses were built about a hundred years ago at the same time as the mill that's down the road) with the washing lines hanging between the houses, the cats, the random bikes... I can't wait for Summer to start properly so we can spend some time on the terrace again! (At the moment we're averaging 2 days of sun followed by 7 days of rain so I've decided it's not worth getting the garden furniture out)

I have started growing some Summer flowers though: Nasturtium, my go-to fail-safe can't-kill favourite! Love in the mist is slowly coming up in a pot on the terrace, and one of our friendly neighbours has given us two Pride of London plants from her parent's garden in Norfolk! So cosmopolitan. Pics coming soon!

And last but not least on the greenery update: this is my latest rescue plant, which I found in Kent. The poor thing had been dumped in a skip along with the contents of what looked like a very dated house in the middle of a renovation. Why the owner would want to dump such a beautiful living plant is beyond me, so I took a cutting, left it in water until it grew roots, and ta-da! Here it is in its new home. I couldn't save all of it, but at least now it can start a new plant life where nobody will throw it away!

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  1. Aw I love your little rescue plant! :) Hope you start feeling better soon...allergies are the worst. Yikes, I actually could see all the pollen in that photo!