Scampston vintage weekend - part 2

This is the continued story of how we visited East Yorkshire and a vintage fair (first part here). So, if you remember from my previous post, we had a lovely (if chilly and damp) picnic the night before the vintage fair and rose bright and early the next morning to make the most of the sunny day. 

We got to Scampston a bit early, so we had a little wander about the tiny village. It was like something straight out of a film with the beautiful old brick houses and vintage cars whizzing past on their way to the show.

Just imagine living here...

Storing your garden tools here...

Going to church here...

 And going for walks in the fields around the village...


Isn't it just like a film set? I'm always amazed at how quaint the UK is in places. Like time has completely stood still. I'm pretty sure the house prices haven't though.

Anyway, on to some proper vintage fun! We were greeted by this lovely sight as we arrived at the fair:

Actually, if I'm absolutely honest, we were greeted by this sight. I guess you might as well find out where the toilet is as soon as you arrive, yes? Also, please note the neat queue which has formed spontaneously, the reasonable distance from the toilets, the personal space between each person. As a former inhabitant of suburban Paris, it thrills me to see such respectful and disciplined queueing.

There were a lot more cars than I had expected and their owners stood proudly next to them, ready to answer any questions we may have and launch into a full-on history of their baby. Sadly, Boyfriend and I aren't really into cars, so although I think they're much prettier than the one we own, I don't have anything interesting to say about them.

Now this one is different (apparently!): it's from a TV show or something. There were lots of people crowded around it and posing and Boyfriend got all excited and snapped these pictures of it!

So that was the celebrity car at Scampston does vintage! I liked this pram much better though, and I liked it even more when I realised it had a real baby in it! Not a vintage one! A young baby one! Anyway... some things are only funny to me, moving on swiftly!

There was a dance workshop but I think people were a bit too intimidated (or maybe just to sweaty under the arms, it was turning out to be a proper scorcher!) to take part. These two were extremely good though, and a lot of fun to watch.

There were a scattering of stalls and 3 or 4 big tents around the grounds. The old VW in this pic had been turned into a photobooth, with lots of accessories and fun backdrops to choose from. I just wanted to sit on a bale of straw and sip cocktails at that point, but that would have made me a very good contendent for the vintage sunburn and heat stroke trophies...

There were a couple of different bands playing again and it was all very festive and sweet and Bully Holly-esque. I don't think I saw a single grumpy face all day. Proof that they don't write'em like they used to...

We did a bit of exploring and discovered a lovely lake and park. I didn't dare do anything to these pics because the greens and blues were already sooo intense.

So like I said, there were a couple of individual stalls with people selling things, but the main selling took place under big markees.

So did the tea drinking and home made cake eating!

Although there was a serious selection of lovely things, I didn't take anything home with me... sad face. Sometimes you have to know when your house is full enough, right?

Instead, we left the fair and went to fill our bellies at a lovely pub down the road. Sitting in the shade with a frosty beer is just something you have to do now and again.

Thanks again to Anna for the tickets and the opportunity for a refreshing weekend getaway! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the next Britain does vintage events!

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  1. What a great day out that was! And your photos are lovely! Must visit that charming village and I do love vintage fairs as well as antiques ones. xx