Now you see me, now you don't

Remember when my bookcase looked like this?

Then it looked like this. A definite improvement, but the multiple colours still stang my eyes a little, and although I loved seing my collection of vintage books and miscellaneous objects, I was concerned that they would get sun damaged if I didn't protect them in some way.

Enter, the £6 piece of material that I came across by chance while browsing one of my favourite Hebden shops! Initially I had thought wallpaper might work. This was the main reason for ordering all the samples that ended up here: 

Then I decided £30 for a roll of wallpaper was a bit much for something I might never get the chance to use again. So I was keeping my eyes peeled for something pretty and easy and with a geometrical pattern, preferably yellow triangles and grey or white circles... when I saw this little bit of retro jungle material and thought: yessss!

Also, as you may have noticed, there has been a furniture switcheroo in our living room! More on that later though, this post is all about showing as many pictures as possible of my relooked bookcase:

What do you think? Yes to material in bookcase doors? I gave the rest of the material to my Mama who is going to make cushions out of it for her new house! Yay for matching house decor!

On a completely unrelated greenery update note: we have two huge Jasmine trees on our back terrace and a couple of branches were growing dangerously close to the dustbin, risking decapitation each time someone opened and closed the lid. So I decided to give them a longer life in the house, and have since realised that Jasmine has a very strong and very lovely smell that fills the whole room. I can't get enough of it! I'm hoping a few more branches decide to grow in the direction of the dustbin so that I have an excuse to do a bit more pruning...

Our little rescue plant is doing so well! Unlike the Nasturtium you can see in the background, who have been decimated by caterpillars... I've since had to get rid of all the dead stalks and replace them with something else. Pictures soon!

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  1. Love what you did with the bookcase! Genius to put in fabric. That material is so cute! xo