Yorkshire Sculpture Park

So that's what a freelance translator's Summer is like... let me just try and remember that for next year so that I can have all my fun during a different season... No really, sorry bunnies, I seem to have drowned in work over the last few months and am just creeping out of my nest and into the dazzling October sunlight. Forgive me for the long silence. I have lots of adventures to tell you about!

Let's start with an adventure that happened in July! My Mama came to visit us and it was the perfect occasion to go to Yorkshire Sculpture Park as I had been wanting to go for ages (this is the view from the restaurant balcony. Not too shabby). Ok, mostly because I had spotted these plates in their online gift shop and I really really liked them...

Well everything else in his exhibition was just as pretty. I wasn't sure if photos were allowed so I only took the one. You'll have to go and check it out for yourself!

The park is very big and of course we had a little look at some of the other exhibitions too. Now this artwork is by Ursula von Rydingsvard and the basic concept is that she carves big things out of wood and metal and sometimes glass (you can read a much more detailed description here).

I think this one looks better as it is outside. They just weren't as striking inside the exhibition hall. Boyfriend was so overwhelmed (ahem) with all this artistic creativity that he had to go for a lie-down under the tree while we carried on.

We also saw an exhibition by Ai Weiwei (more here) which I really liked. Simple yet moving, like a lot of his work. Photos aren't allowed inside the chapel so once again: you'll have to go and take a look yourself!

So this was our day at YSP! One of these days I'll get some decent pics of the lovely things I came home with!!

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