Tropical Yorkshire

I know summer is over and it makes me very sad, so to cheer me (and you?) up a bit, here are some pics I took during a walk along the canal back in August. I'm pretty sure some of these flowers aren't endemic to Yorkshire but they certainly seem to be thriving!

I seem to have a thing for all fern-related plants at the moment. I even bought a huge one for my bathroom! It's not the happiest fern but it seem to be doing ok, I hope. I promise you'll get a peek of him soon!

As much as I complain about some aspects of living in our house (everything keeps breaking, the landlady couldn't care less, it's draughty as hell), it is lovely to live by the canal and to get to snap pictures of fancy boats whenever you go for a walk.

This cluster of houses is where the tropical (and general flowery) magic seems to take place. Ready to be transported to a fairyland of vibrant flowers and tiny garden gates and neatly growing lettuce in no particular order?

I also admire the hardy weeds that keep on going despite the layers of toxic paint that they get sprayed with every few weeks. It's not easy being green.

I'd like to finish off by showing you how the wildlife is doing. The geese are as hissy as ever with us humans but they seem to be getting on just fine with their Canadian cousins.

The local cats had a rather zen Summer, mainly spent sitting around with eyes half-closed, being cats.

Some are naturally more perplexed (and adorable) than others, but I can assure you, we love them all just the same.

So, that was Summer along the canal! I will be turning 30 (gaaaaaaaah) in 2 days and celebration preparations are in full swing (the brownie is in the oven. I repeat, the brownie is in the oven). I can't quite believe I'm a real grown-up now, I still feel like I'm just pretending most of the time. Oh well, here's to pretending, and being, and enjoying, and succeeding!


  1. Beautiful photos. I'm very late in wishing you a happy birthday - but hope the celebrations were very joyous none the less : )

  2. You live in such a beautiful place! Thanks for showing us around your neighborhood. I love the kitty cats. And happy 30th birthday! That's a big one. But I think you'll find that life just keeps getting better in your thirties ;)