A week in Wales (continued)

You didn't think it was ever coming, did you? Me neither. Here are the rest of my pics from our trip to Wales taken in september!! 

It's been quite a while so I may have forgotten the names of some places but I'll give it a go anyway. All you need to do is look at the pictures and then book your trip to Wales. 

 First off, Conwy castle (I think):

This, I'm 100 sure, is Penmon Point:

This is a pigeon house on the way to Penmon Point:

This is a pretty magical place called Fairy Glen:

This next one is easy because I took a picture of the sign: Pen Y Cil and the village of Aberdaron

Dream house:

Cutest (and possibly oldest) cafe in Wales:

This next one is also pretty easy: Snowden! Or rather, the never ending walk down from Snowden after catching the train up to the top. The colours were so beautiful!

And last but not least: the Ugly house. An incredibly pretty little house with an interesting story.

Not only does it serve the yummiest scones I've ever had (or maybe anything would have tasted yummy after than walk all the way to the bottom of Snowden), they also have beehives and the garden is full of bits of information about bees, as well as little houses made specially for them!

So there you have it. A quick summary of our visit to Wales! Finally!

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