Moving forward

...through treacle. At least that's what it feels like at the moment. 
On my long list of things-that-are-this-close-to-being-sorted-out-but-not-quite-yet-because..., we have: 

- booking the move to France, 
- sorting out a loan (how much? what kind? what %? why is our current bank so useless? will it all happen in time?), 
- pestering the sollicitor to actually give us a date for the final contract to be signed, 
- accepting quotes for painters and parquet floor renovators, debating over crown molding (the most fun part! but even that isn't fun because it's surrounded by non-fun tasks), 
- trying to sell our car and find a decent left hand drive one over here that will be big enough for all our junk (read: guitars, amps, houseplants),
- booking our ferry back to France 
- ordering/finding/packing a gazillion removal boxes
- getting rid of half our stuff to make up for the fact that I'm determined to keep at least some of the gorgeous furniture we bought over here (I'm looking at you, Chesterfield sofa!).
- finding more work because I've suddenly stopped getting any, and yes of course it's the worst possible time for this to happen.

Oh yes, and in the middle of all this, our honeymoon/non-honeymoon to America! A 1-month road trip across 13 States that will involve lots of historic places and forlorn little villages, good food, fancy cocktails and hopefully many memories.

Lots of posts coming your way then, when I eventually get out of this puddle of treacle.

In the meantime, here is a picture of our floors!! Not too bad, yes? I can't wait to see them after a bit of sanding and 3 coats of varnish.

Temporary unemployment has sent me on a pinning frenzy, so if you want to see exactly what our future home might look like if we had unlimited supplies of money, head over to my Pinterest board dedicated to this very matter.

Oh, and one more thing: Happy Easter, Bunnies!!!

I will be feasting on all the leftover chocolates next week as I'm currently doing this diet. Don't worry, it looks scarier than it is. I'm on day 32 out of 40 and feeling better than ever!

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  1. Your honeymoon sounds fabulous! Love road trips. What states are you visiting here? I hope WA (Seattle)? :)