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A few weeks ago I quite randomly stumbled upon a Myers Briggs personality test. I had never taken a personality test before and was quite intringued by the whole thing. I gave each question a lot of thought and this is what the interwebs told me: I am an INFJ. That's the rarest type! The general description seemed to fit surprisingly well so I did a bit more research and found some very interesting articles and quotes that really spoke to me.

I found a short and sweet article here that sums up 10 essential facts about INFJs. This basically blew my mind because it is spot on.

The blog also has an article about the importance of the INFJ label:

"While every person can be pinpointed as a specific Myers-Briggs Personality Type, INFJs tend to cling to our label as soon as we discover it. As we are the rarest personality type, making up an approximate 2% of the population, we spend most of our lives feeling lost and misunderstood. Once we learn that we are not alone and that there is an explanation as to why we have always felt different, we feel overjoyed and almost "normal." Even if the description of an INFJ does not fit us 100%, it still usually offers us a lot of information for which we have spent the majority of our lives searching. Those four little letters can be life-changing to an INFJ."

Now I realise that if you don't actually know me this might not be super interesting, but it might make you want to know more abour your own personality type. Personality tests aren't for everyone and I did go for 30 years without taking one, but I must say it's reassuring to get a bit of insight into how your brain works, as well as to be reminded that everyone is different and that at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way of being (note that I say being, not behaving!).

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