Merry and bright and short and sweet

Hello and happy new year to you! In order to keep this blog going despite my chronic lack of time, I've decided to keep future posts short and sweet and random. Okay? First off, a very belated post about Christmas things and atmospheric photos.

This is the view of the hotel across the street from our flat. I love how simple yet grand the decorations are. Sadly the hotel will be closing down soon as the couple who run it are retiring and haven't found anyone able to take it over.


Isn't it lovely and cosy looking?

As for the flat, my favourite bit of Christmas decor, as usual: the bauble drinks!

I also convinced the rubber plant to get a bit dressed up for the occasion. What do you think?

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  1. Le cadre de tableau au-dessus du piano est vraiment beau avec le petit imprimé à l'intérieur. ;)