Flower power

This is one of my older before & afters.
Just before we moved last year, we came across this old lampshade in someone's dustbin.

I hesitated for a couple of days thinking it wouldn't be worth the trouble (it's mostly cardboard and old fabric, some of the petals were quite damaged and it took a LOT of imagination to convince me), but its little face in that dustbin kept coming back to me... I couldn't resist !
 As you can see, it was gold inside and black on the outside. I wish I could have stuck with those colours because they really gave it a vintage 70's feel, but it wouldn't have looked good anywhere in our new place, so I decided to switch the gold to silver and the black to red (with a few of coats of white gesso inbetween). 
It's not perfect up close but it looks cute in its new home.

 Aren't you glad I rescued you, little flower?

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