Weekend finds

I'm so glad it's brocante season again :D 

I found these treatures a couple of weeks ago on the East side of Paris. It was weird going to a flea market on the other side of the city yesterday only to find the same sellers! Paris is a village. 

 Check out the little set of polka cups and mugs ! (the green mug was being used for my tea!) They're Arcopal, so virtually unbreakable, and they are as happy as my kitchen! I think we paid €15 for the set. The little flower mug was another find, it's got it's own little tea strainer on the top. So cozy, so British, so cheap: €1

 Finally a white glass bud vase! I've been drooling at these on Etsy for ages but always on US shops, so although they're always cheap, you pay more for postage than for the actual vase. This was €3 so I'm glad I waited now!

I thought this would add some character to our bedroom and make it look slightly lees childish. It's an old poster from WW2 that reads "Silence, the ennemy is listening to your secrets", since our walls are paper thin it seemed appropriate. The navy and pale yellow are perfect for the room. €1!

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