Stripes and (sort of) chevrons

This is another before & after of something I bought second hand from www.Leboncoin.fr (which is French for Craigslist):

Kind of pretty but kind of ugly on first glance. I wanted it because it matched my secretary desk. Same lines, same wood...at least I thought so at the time! This is actually laminate while my desk is solid wood...*sad face*. This meant I was a little reluctant to sand it and paint it entirely. It was going to stand next to my secretary desk, but I didn't want to make it too matchy-matchy, and I did really grow to like the natural wood colour while it sat in the living room waiting to be painted for a few months. So, this is what I did:

I used the same colour palette as for my desk: see the grey footsies? see the yellow pulls from Anthropologie? I wanted to accentuate the geometric lines of the wood, so I decided to paint stripes that would join up in the middle to form one HUGE chevron pattern. That was the initial plan. Oh how I overestimated my geometry skills. Oh how I forgot to take into account the fact that the doors would OVERLAP.

From this angle, it looks almost like chevrons. Right? Yes. Yes it does.

The tray is an easy way of hiding the ring mark that couldn't be saved with the mayonnaise trick

 Those two are so in love. Even Eames is a little jealous...

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