Bunnies & stripes & foxgloves

Maybe I should think about renaming my blog now that my life revolves around the local flora. And the local fauna (neighbourhood cats) and the local watering holes. And the locals (who are all so nice). How about bunnies & stripes & foxgloves & cats & pubs & humans?

Ok, so we moved. It all went pretty smoothly! Two major disappointments happened when (1) I realised the house has carpet on both staircases and on the landing, and (2) I realised our guest bed wasn't going to fit up the very narrow (carpeted) staircase. I've since come to terms with the carpet being in my life for an undefined period, but not with the bed being set up in the lounge. Or with the fact that (just like in France), people aren't prepared to pay the very low price you are offering to sell it for. On the up-side, Boyfriend is swamped with several big work projects, which means lots of bacon that we can swap for a lovely new bed. If we ever find one that comes in small enough pieces.

But let's move on to the pics, shall we?

Dogs are allowed to drive camper vans. Fact.

Goodbye Belgium! Goodbye continent!

Very smooth sailing. I spent half the night wondering whether we were even at sea or not. Lovely compared to our crossing to Ireland, where I was lifted off the bed a couple of times, and our crossing to Jersey which thankfully ended just as I was getting nicely sea-sick.

Hello United Kingdom of sausages and crumpets!!

Where even the motorway is surprisingly pretty

First drive into our neighbourhood!! Please ignore the dirty windscreen, we were tired and excited and couldn't be bothered to stop and clean it.

After a quick tour of the house (carpets!! Ugh!) the landladies left us with a packet of digestives and some fresh milk in the fridge. Our furniture wasn't arriving until the next day so Boyfriend very religiously got to work creating his wine cellar.

Our first meal at home!! Outside in the sunshine! If you're a regular reader you'll recognise our staple foods: scotch eggs, cheddar, ham, bread, and mini pork pies (which we saved for later, we're not that greedy thank you very much). FIY I had a very healthy banana for dessert and a 'herbivore platter' at one of the local pubs for tea so I was ok for my 5 a day.

Welcome to Yorkshire. Please have a seat and make yourself at home. (or so the abandonned armchair seemed to say)

Just the normal views on our way to the bank in Keighley. Nothing to get excited about, right? Just wait until you see my next post!

And out first home-cooked meal! We took the garden furniture inside and opened our first bottle of good wine. 

So that was our move. We've been here a week now and I'm feeling like a pretty happy bunny. Let's see how it all turns out!

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  1. Looks like the move went smoothly. Love that field of poppies - amazing! And the random armchair.....most amusing.

    Welcome to the UK!