It's all in the detail

Does it really matter if we haven't got room for a sofa in our lounge? I'm not sure. For the moment I'm concentrating on what I love and what is just about "finished". I'm not showing you any room shots yet because my reputation is at stake, but I promise a full blown before/after shoot will be in order as soon as every room is furnished and tidy. It's good to have ambitious goals, yes?

Various items of beautiful furniture have been purchased.

Various houseplants and items of decor have been randomly placed (whatever gets those boxes unpacked and out of the house).

Various attempts at artistic aerial shots have been made. 

Various people in my household have become appropriately addicted to drinking (tea) throughout the day.

Various items of storage (some with integrated mirror!) have been added to the bathroom and bolted to the wall for good measure. We can't have people stealing our precious storage. Specially now that we've sold our souls to the devi(kea)l.

Like I said. Various pieces of lovely furniture. Pretty repurposed wood from local shops that makes every room smell of polish.

Various details that don't go with the rest of the room one bit, but sometimes you have to choose vasts amount of storage and originality over your goal to get everything matching. 

Various forms of storage, in this case along with a comfortable bed that fit up both flights of stairs. We finally have a real bedroom. And that mattress is pretty comfortable by the way. Valances to follow, if I can ever be bothered to hunt for the right size.

Various towels. There's nothing quite as soothing as a neat stack of towels. 

Various spots and possible usages for Charlie. We'll see where he ends up. 

Various moments of love/hate for my velux window in the attic bedroom. It's filthy and in less-than good condition and in desperate need of a blind, yet it offers some nice views of the hills and the canal (for those of us who are tall enough) as well as the stars at night, and once I slip its LBB (little black blind) on I'm sure I'll have nothing but love for it.

Various moments of hate and not much love for the carpeted stairs, but I like them better now they've been steam-cleaned and acardusted and our handy-man had tacked the carpet to the last few stairs like he should have in the first place so that we don't risk tumbling down them.

Various doubts as to whether this should stay here, or even in the house, as we haven't really got any use for it. It makes the hallway nice and narrow, that's for sure, but I can't quite bring myself to get rid of it after spending all those hours making it look nice.

Various joyous dance moves took place when I realised we had a hidden curtain rail and all it would take was a £2 rod before we could hang our curtains and sleep undisturbed by daylight until at least 7AM.

Various nighmarish moments have been spent staring up at this pane of glass while trying to wedge heavy furniture up the stairs. I'm happy to say these days are over and that we've found more or less pleasing solutions for every room. The doormat is a little embarassing but Boyfriend insisted, and as I'm a bit of a tourist myself I decided it was acceptable. Also it was the only non-ugly doormat available. Can I blame it on baby George??


  1. Anonymous7/27/2013

    it all looks lovely, so far so good! So you like the smell of wax polish? I always did too, haven't polished my furniture for some time now, should get that wax out, lol! Yes, you can blame the door mat on George if you like! I saw one the other day which has written on it 'you again?' !!!


  2. Lovely touches! I so understand your "no room for a sofa" issues too!

  3. Anonymous8/14/2013

    Lovely bits, look forwards to seeing the whole.