Out and about in Hebden Bridge

Hello my dear bunnies! Sorry for the long silence, I have no excuse except for the fact that the effort of moving and sorting out a million different things has turned me into a lazy blogger. Hopefully this is a curable disease as I've got loads to show you. 

Let's start with the first real walk we took in the neighbourhood. If you can call a canal inhabited my geese a neighbourhood. 

So this is what happens when you climb over the wall at the end of our alleyway, litterally 10 metres from our back yard.

You'll soon see what I meant about foxgloves

This is the old lock keeper's house, now inhabited by a friendly South-american lady who's been warned that the day she decides to sell, we're buying.

So after a 5 minute walk down this little path, you get to the local pub

With tables on the canal, where you can sit and watch the houseboats go by and the geese beg for food.

What can I say, I've got a thing for flowers that grow out of walls

And for houseboats with salad and sweet peas growing on the roof!!

The scenic views don't stop at the pub though, look at this cute little bridge where the canal flows into the river (we live right between the two, but according to the friendly person who sold me our house insurance, we're not on the flood path! yay!!)

I wouldn't ride my bike along here. Not that I ride bikes anyway. Too many embarassing accidents during my childhood have left me traumatised.

Warning: more pretty things!

Even when it's ugly, it's pretty

This is the alley where we hang our washing and chat with the neighbours and spend ages watering the flowers that the landlady left us and that are not liking the extreme heat. Maybe they should try taking the metro during rush hour when it's 32 degrees outside. Ugh, the memories! The nightmares! Let's move on.

If you look closely you'll find the neighbourhood is full of strange creatures

And if that little walk isn't enough, you can always pop into town for a £3 Tibetan curry

The boats will still be there on the way back

So what do you think? Did we make the right decision? I still can't quite believe we live here. Maybe the novelty will wear off, but for now I'm enjoying my long-awaited adventure very much.


  1. Anonymous7/15/2013

    Hello Linpin, It looks wonderful!!! I don't think you will ever come back to France! Though see if you feel the same after the winter with lots of snow! I hope your house will be nice and warm, well insulated.
    The flowers are gorgeous, the honeysuckle, the foxgloves and that lovley blue campanula growing in the wall, I adore those, I have lots of the campanula growing in our stone wall, each year the tufts of it get bigger and they flower a few months, really lovely sight!
    I doubt you'll ever want to go back to France, when you are self employed you are much better off living there where everything is cheaper! Only problem, the health service. You really should try and have a private top up there like we do here, if you can. Take care xxx

  2. Oh you look very settled in your new home! Glad you like it, Hebden is beautiful. x