When you wish upon a scar...

Well it's been a while since I told you about a ramble, so we decided to make the most of the glorious weather on sunday and venture out to Gordale Scar, which is only an hour from us and definitely worth the drive.

It's like another place and time altogether. I'd be really tempted to move there if I didn't already live in the coolest town in Yorkshire whose s̶h̶o̶p̶s̶ people I would just miss too much if I moved.

Janets Foss is a beautiful waterfall that I didn't manage to take a single decent picture of. Apologies. I really need to study that Canon handbook.

Look! A tree with coins in it! I've seen these before on the interwebs but I don't really know what the meaning of them is. Does sticking a coin in a tree bring good luck?

If you look closely at this pic you will see the moon starting to rise. The combination of the setting, the glorious weather and the time of year made for a rather magical day. Also the fact that we stumbled upon a food van just as I was nearing hypoglycemia. Go flapjacks!

Boyfriend had been going on about this place for months and I didn't really know what it was. Well now I know, and we'll be going back! Specially now we know where the good pubs and the free car park is (although as usual a nice lady came up to us and gave us her day-ticket, so we parked for free anyway. Ah, Yorkshire how I heart you and your friendly people).

Just to give you an idea of how big the actual 'scar' is...

We didn't stay long because it was freezing cold in the shade and we wanted to catch the last rays of sun before it set (at 4:30 PM...) 

I found our dream house. You always have to choose a dream house when you visit somewhere special, right?

I like how realistic the pub owners are around here (this is also a special little wink to one of my fellow bloggers, hey lady!! Hope you're feeling better)

So what do you think? Magical, yes? We couldn't stop saying to each other "this place is only an hour's drive from us! And it's so cool! And we can go whenever we like!" I think we really are on a permanent holiday (seeing as the workload has dried up and died these last few days)...


  1. Yorkshire really looks like a beautiful part of England. I just love those black and white sign posts. Photo #5 is really nice. Photo #seventeen is also super - there is something very magical about the sunlight at this time of year I think, as Winter approaches. The Muddy Boots Welcome sign made me do a big : )

  2. Absolutely magical! I love finding little getaways within 1-2 hours of home. I don't take these trips enough! And btw, I always look for dream homes wherever I visit too ;)