Pining for...anticipation

This weekly (ahem...bi-monthly? monthly?) Pinterest wrap-up is all about getting ready and being excited for what's coming up: Christmas (= presents for others and for myself)



Chesterfield sofas (ok, turns out it arrived today and I'm sitting on its polished goodness as we speak, but that's a post for another day)

Finishing touches for our lounge



and just general excitement at the thought of decorating my little house for the holidays. Yes I know it's still 6 weeks until Christmas but all the shops here have gone Christmas crazy and it's got me in the mood.


What are you in the mood for these days? And don't say snowstorms because it looks like we're having the worst winter ever in the UK and I'm a little bit scared. Although the thought of not having to commute to and from work everyday is enough to cheer me right up again! What can go wrong with your winter when you've got a warm house, a cosy sofa and an internet connection?

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