Pining for...peace & quiet

Not that I don't enjoy the occasional house guest. In fact the ones we had last weekend were lovely (a post is scheduled for as soon as I get round to looking at the photos). But then there's Boyfriend's sister, who's getting here on Thursday and leaving on Sunday. And the weekend after that, his parents are coming. I'm happy to play the tour guide but a quiet weekend in between visitors would have been nice. 

I'll just have to do this instead


And dream about the peaceful life we'll have in Yorkshire. At least until the family catches up again.

And wonder how the hell I'm supposed to get my Martinique-body back by the end of March. This would be nice for an evening meal by the beach though, don't you think?

Oh and this is my new favourite video. Watch it!

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to say many congratulations on your move to Yorkshire! Exciting stuff. I wish you the best of luck with packing up and beginning a new chapter in such a beautiful part of England(which always makes me think of the Hovis advert!) Best Wishes.