Weekend happenings

Hello bunnies! Did you have a happy Easter? Did you pig out on eggs? Did you overdose on chocolate hens? I was very good and didn't eat a single chocolate. I ate plenty of other things though:

As promised, I tried out this recipe found on Pinterest (adding some smoked trout to the egg because it needed using up):

As usual, it wasn't a huge success. Cooked avocado isn't as dreamy and creamy as I imagined. I'll stick to guacamole in future. Sadly I didn't get round to trying the banana chocolate chip cookie recipe. Well it's not so much a question of time but more that I felt bad for eating a whole packet of Eccles cakes between Friday night and Saturday afternoon, so more sugar didn't sound like a good plan. I made a (healthy??) banana matcha avocado almond milk smoothie with the other avocado. Much tastier.

Now for some of the outdoorsy happenings: walks in forests! Yes you heard me, there were several. Well, two. But the second one was nicer (probably because it's further away. We really do live in a crummy area). There was even a bit of lying down in the dried grass and gazing up at the blue sky through the trees. We saw some very cute miniature birds in the highest branches. We snapped some pics of the trees reflected in the water. Of fresh baby flowers. We got our boots dusty and we warmed our faces in the sun. Then we went home and cooked a full English breakfast for tea and ate it on our laps while watching back to back episodes of The IT Crowd. 

I'm looking forward to being free to declare 3-day weekends every weekend soon. 

PS: compulsory heron sighting

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